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Holistic mental health therapy in Sandpoint, ID // Erin Weme, LCSW is the owner & sole practitioner

Mountain Lake

Leave room for hope.

Friendly Conversation


Therapy is not a one-size-fits-all approach. There are techniques + practices used in therapy that make it different than any other relationship, and there are evidence-based practices that professionals are trained in, but each person seeking therapy brings in unique experiences, interests, learning-styles, personalities, etc. that cause no two therapeutic relationships to be the same. I can offer you my experience + skill set, in the context of a supportive and safe relationship where you are heard & seen as an individual.

I also believe in holistic care, and exploring the multifaceted roots of an issue, not just treating the symptoms. While symptom management is an important part of treatment + healing, the process does not end there. Beyond talk therapy, I help you explore potential root causes and incorporate somatic interventions, with an emphasis on the nervous system and strengthening one's resilience to stress. I want to work with you to support your capacity as an individual. I love to educate clients on the mind-body connection, the nervous system, and holistic wellness in general, and as needed make recommendations & connect them to other professionals who may also serve a role in their wellness journey. In addition to being a trained therapist, I am an HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) practitioner, and I love to utilize the information from this to further support your mind & body, if that's something you choose to utilize in your treatment. Check out my Services section or contact me to learn more about my specific services or what working with me looks like!


231 N Third Ave
Ste 207
Sandpoint, ID 83864


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