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Basic steps to move out of a freeze state

I've been getting a lot of questions about how to move out of a freeze state. While this can be difficult and vary by individual, here are some very basic steps to consider when you suspect you may be in this position. These aren’t the end all be all, but they are a great place to start. Remember, the focus is on regulating your nervous system (moving to a place of security + connection) and sourcing the energy to move forward.

1. Take a break from screens. Blue light requires a good deal of energy to process it, yet this is subtle, which can make it sneaky -- especially since many of us mindlessly scroll when feeling depressed or overwhelmed. But this mindless scroll is actually using energy that your body could be using to regulate. So if you find yourself feeling frozen, try ditching your phone and other screens for a day (ideally longer) and see how that helps. If you can’t ditch all screens, focus on your phone since that’s the most dysregulating + energy sucking by nature.

2. Eat + nourish your body. One of our primary sources of energy is food. The proper macro + micro nutrients are what keep our bodies going at the cellular level. Energy helps us process + cope with stress. Alternatively, not eating enough or eating too many energy-taking foods (I like to refer to these as Energy Vampires) is going to “uncharge” you, leaving you unable to cope (feeling dysregulated + frozen). If you’re feeling frozen, try eating whole foods rich with protein + healthy fats (avocado on organic toast, full-fat Greek yogurt w| raw honey, turkey + cheese plate, etc.) and see if you notice a subtle yet immediate difference.

3. Laugh, ideally with another person. I know when you’re struggling, wanting to connect with others feels really hard. But connection + laughter encourage your nervous system into a regulated state quickly. Ask a trusted friend over, ask a friend to tell you something funny, or just reminisce on an inside joke. If connecting feels impossible, even going through the motions of a fake laugh can have beneficial effects. Start wherever you can.

And while I encourage you to do all three suggestions, if I had to prioritize one, it'd be eating + nourishing your body. And consequently, if you're connecting with another person face-to-face, you will likely be on your phone less by default; and if you're connecting via phone, then I wouldn't discourage that if the connection is still helping.

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